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Restaurant Review: Tanti Baci Caffe

Restaurant Name: Tanti Baci Caffe

Cuisine: Italian

Neighborhood: West Village

Address: 163 West 10th Street, 10014

Telephone: 212-647-9651


Pricing: Moderately Inexpensive

This afternoon, edward_vii and I decided to give this little caffe a try. We'd spotted it a few days back and were intrigued. The lunch menu consists primarily of pasta, though there is also a small variety of panini, salads, and sides. Bread and olive oil come with your meal.

gingergold's menu choice: Rigatoni with Pesto
The portion was a decent size. The pasta was a bit more al dente than I would have liked, but not bad. The pesto was very nice - not too light, not too heavy (heavy on the garlic, however - and that is not a complaint). The olive oil and bread served before the actual meal was quite delicious.

edward_vii's menu choice: Arucola Pere e Parmigiano
Arugula, pears and slivers of parmesan cheese.
My salad portion was a decent size as well, given that it was off the appetizer list. While I loved the rosemary and pepper infused olive oil that came with our bread, the balsamic vinegar on my salad left something to be desired. I liked it well enough, but those with distinguishing taste be advised: wait until pears are in season, and ask for your parmesan to be freshly sliced. The slivers were hard and waxy, a sure sign it was stale. On the other hand, I tried and loved gingergold's pasta, so I'm going to definitely give the caffe another go.

Notes: It is important to mention that the actual menu price is about $1-$2 off from what it currently says on the restaurant website. Pastas were about $1 more, salads were about $1 less, give or take a bit. The oudoor seating area, where we were, is tiny, but nice. There is a lower, indoor level as well, but we weren't able to sneak a peek at it. The waitress was perfectly friendly, however the service was slow. edward_vii's salad came out at least 10-15 minutes before the pasta arrived.
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