Ginger Gold (gingergold) wrote in the_green_apple,
Ginger Gold

Restaurant Review: Gramercy Restaurant

Restaurant Name: Gramercy Restaurant

Cuisine: Dinner/Coffee Shop Standard

Neighborhood: Gramercy

Address: 184 3rd Ave, New York 10003
At 17th St

Telephone: 212-982-2121

Website: N/A

Pricing: Moderately Inexpensive

After a slightly traumatizing search for parking at the place we'd planned on going, my family and I stopped in here for a quick lunch this afternoon. It's basically a standard diner menu - eggs, burgers, sandwiches, etc., but the food is delicious, the servings are huge, and the place is nice. It seemed worth a mention.

They had a nice brunch menu selection - a full meal for $9.95, served with coffee or tea, and your choice of something from their fresh squeezed juice bar (I recommend the regular orange juice - delicious!). Everyone enjoyed their selection and the prices were very reasonable.

Notes: The booths are fairly small if you're seating more than 2-3 people. Even 2 on one side is a bit of a squeeze. I'd opt for a table on a second visit.
Tags: coffee shops, diners, food, gingergold, gramercy, moderately inexpensive, restaurants, restaurants - gramercy restautant
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