Ginger Gold (gingergold) wrote in the_green_apple,
Ginger Gold

A Quick and Easy Salad

The other night, edward_vii, molliedelicious, and I made ourselves a lovely little salad, which took all of about three minutes to put together. I thought I might as well share the idea with you all.

We happened to have a prepackaged bag of baby lettuce mix on hand, but I'm sure any mixture would work just fine. Make sure the greens are washed and toss them in a bowl. Next up, a small handful of presalted, large cashews, and a bit of goat cheese. I recommend Montchevré Garlic & Herb, which adds flavor to the mix, but go with whatever floats your boat. Finally, a bit of Balsamic vinaigrette - if you have a local Trader Joe's, I highly recommend picking up a bottle of theirs. It'll only cost you about $2.00 and it's absolutely delicious.

Toss everything lightly, and enjoy!
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